Exact copy of obsidian is coming!

A software called Reflect is in production which is exact copy of obsdian with more features like calender and tables and stuff.

It’s open source?

This is a bit offtopic here. @Obsidian_Nerd In the past 2 years there has been quite a explosion in PKM apps. If you do a google search, you’ll find plenty.

Reflect is nice and nowhere near a copy of Obsidian.

Obsidian is more like an IDE for note-taking. More like VS Studio.

Reflect is more like a notebook with daily notes as a front door.

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i looked through their YouTube Channel. nothing i’ve seen looks anything like obsidian so far. and their website kinda sucks. it keeps getting all glitchy and jerky. and the picture on the right hand side when it first loads looks like they just took a screenshot of obsidian.

had to look through search results to find the downloads page. it’s Mac only and I’m on Linux. so that’s as far as my journey goes. Obsidian Wins Again!


And to add water into @suburbanyute’s river, whom I agree with… Why should I pay monthly 15S ? Do they copy Roam’s questionnable business modele too ? Why should I pay for something that a lot of softwares handle better ? Logseq or the new Acreom do all of this things. I tend to keep distance with flashy new payed software.

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Without Obsidian the Reflect existing should not be possible, so I don’t like it

Yes, and an A5 notebook is far better as a day planner than anything on a computer. Mostly because it doesn’t tell some Mega-Corp what the hell I’m doing, doesn’t need an internet connection, the batteries never run out, and you can take it anywhere.

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