Ex-Evernote > Newbie Obsidian user with a few questions :)

Hi friends, loving Obsidian but trying to figure out a few things (which I didn’t find an answer on searching).

What I want:

  • Quick Switcher shows results with the note’s name + directory. I have 2-3 levels of directory nesting of notes in certain cases and this results in crowded results e.g. <directory1>/<directory2>/<notename>. I’d like to just display the note name in Quick Switcher, any way to accomplish that?

  • I have few PDFs in my notes but they show as links instead of being displayed right away. So I have to click on them to read them. Any way to have them embedded/already displayed instead of opening them explicitly?

On the first point, Quick Switcher++ can hide paths (I think) and do a lot more -

Perfecto! My first question is resolved. Thanks!

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For any question about Obsidian features, the easiest first step is to browse the Community Plugins within Obsidian itself, and search for your desired feature:

^^ This should do what you want.

I’ve come from Evernote also, and Obsidian is different in that the core set of features is fairly minimal, and you can add extra features through plugins.

Evernote included the kitchen sink out-of-the-box, which is why it got bloated and awful.

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