Every time I start Obsidian, the vault is re-indexed, which often leads to a black screen

Things I have tried

Try to use Obsidian.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to create my second brain using Obsidian, which would help me in my work. My task is to save a large number of notes concerning business contracts that I am engaged in. Currently, the database consists of about 70-80 notes, 100 files (pdf, excel, etc.) and 25-30 tags. At the same time, I use Obsidan on three PCs and two mobile devices, synchronization is done via a third-party cloud.
And here’s the problem - when I make changes to notes on one PC, after syncing on another PC, Obsidian indexes new/modified files every time. And if there are more than 10 such notes, then there is a 90% chance that indexing leads to a black screen at some point. After restarting, the program continues indexing, so after a while I can use the program, but on average I lose up to a couple of minutes to restart the program or just wait for indexing. On mobile devices, the indexing process can take up to 15 minutes. Last time, 38 notes were indexed for 10 minutes, and I did not wait for the process to complete and closed the application.
I understand that this should not be the case. Tell me what I can try to do to reduce the duration of indexing. I use community plugins, dataview, tasks, templater and several others in my work. Perhaps they have such a bad effect on the indexing process?!

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