Evernote to Obsidian while retaining font color

Things I have tried

Hi There, I have been using Evernote Legacy for a few years and I am planning switch from Evernote to Obsidian since I am worried they (Evernote) could obsolete their legacy software whenever they want.

I did a few testing by exporting my notes to Obsidian using Yarle. Most of the info I need can be painlessly converted, however, one thing I am using very often is not carried over: font color. For example, I use red to emphasize the most important things, I use gray so other part of the text is more pop.

What I’m trying to do

I know those colors are not default feature of MD, and I know there are tricks to color fonts in Obsidian, however, I don’t want to spend time to update every single note ( ~20,000) I already created…

Is there anyone who have tried to convert from Evernote to md while retaining font color? I found out Yarle can export HTML file as well, and I search methods to keep color while converting from HTML to MD and no luck there as well…

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Hi @ssj ,
I’m the main developer of Yarle.

Could you please explain the tricks you mentioned how Obsidian supports the colors?

Maybe I could implement a solution to support the seamless conversion including these tricks in Yarle directly, then you should not do anything else, just convert your notes using yarle.

Thank you!

Hi @akos0215, the trick I know is very simple, for example, if I want red font, I just put

<font color="red">red text</font>


<font color="#ff0000">red text</font>

Hope it’s helpful.

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