Evernote Plugin

With the mass exodus from Evernote occurring recently. It would be really helpful to have an “Evernote” plugin.

The plugin would help people moving from Evernote to Obsidian.

There probably are a million difference between Evernote and Obsidian, however I think there are a couple main areas that stand out; and through a plugin it could help people.

  1. A way to toggle on/off all markup coding even when the cursor selects the text. Meaning, if text is bold, italics, highlighted, a different color, etc. then no coding appears, it would only show the text of the note, edited to be bold, or italics, etc. I see the toggle be available on iOS or desktop, on the bar for easy switching if desired.

  2. A better organization/implementation of a font editor, meaning a better way to edit the font type, bold, italics, color, highlighting, etc, right now it’s very cumbersome if you’re solely just modifying the text, but having a GUI that captures all of that, yes, similar to Evernote.

  3. A way to manage attachments behind the scenes and create a “note” with the attachment linked or embedded. I know there’s a binary plugin that looks for attachments, and it works for what it does, however it’s not perfect and if you have multiple devices and multiple workflows or processes on how to get attachments into Obsidian, you may end up having them displaced in the wrong folder. Something with a bit more configuration on each folder level and globally would help mimic an Evernote scenario.

Use case or problem

Typing notes and formatting text fast via mobile device.

Proposed solution

Proposed Obsidian iOS Mobile to mimic Evernote implementation of Text Formatting or provide a widget to configure to achieve the same thing.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)


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This doesn’t specifically address your situation. I left Evernote and ended up exporting all of my notes (need to do this before your account closes or can only export a handful). I then changed format to MD with a plugin and created a separate vault for Evernote since I don’t need all of the notes in my main vault. I need to sift through them to determine which notes I want to keep. A low priority project at this time since I can access them when needed.

First you should understand that Obsidian.md is markdown-based. One of the principles of Obsidian is the ownership of your notes. So they wanted that users could access their files in their OS natively and still read all the information of the notes seamlessly. So Obsidian chose the Markdown format that is a future-proof and is human-readable. So things like colors, font-styles and alignment cannot be applied unless you use HTML and CSS. That isn’t the focus of Obsidian but they still let you use HTML and CSS to format the notes. The problem is that if you apply very specific formatting your note isn’t readable anymore when you open it in source mode.

That said, I would like to address some of your requests.

I’m using a plugin called Commander and it allows you to add custom buttons with the actions you like to the top bar. I think that should be a core feature but since it’s not, I’m giving you this tip. So you could add Undo and Redo there for example.

A workaround for the “insert menu” would be using the command palette swiping down. You can save your most used shortcuts to appear at the top. So you could mimic something similar by adding there “checkbox”, “image”, “code block”, etc. and then if you don’t like the scroll behavior of the shortcuts bar you could just remove the extra shortcuts you don’t want from it…

As a ex-user of Evernote myself, I can say that definitely the customizability of the Obsidian UI is something Evernote doesn’t have.