Evernote-like theme customization

I am looking for advice on customizing a theme, so it fits my preferences.

I really like the general colour scheme of the Notebook panel in Evernote (7 for Mac), which would be the file tree panel in Obsidian. In Evernote, the notebook panel has a dark background while Notebook titles are (almost) 100% white. The note panel background is white with black text.

The Advanced appearance plugin has a “high contrast” setting, which almost gets there for most themes (they don’t all play well with that setting). However, the sidepanel texts (folder/file names) is typically more grey with a white hover state rather than default white, as in Evernote.

Thus, file/folder names are quite difficult for my old eyes to decode.

Any ideas on how to customize themes for the above? For instance, the Minimal theme?

Thanks in advance!

Have you looked at the minimal theme? That has a dark side bar with light titles.

You can use that as a starting point, and make the titles in the file explorer closer to white. It’s simple override like that might be easier to do a more of a theme.

Yes, I have looked at Minimal. Its a very Nice theme!

I see now that there is a developer window with an element picker! Obsidian is certainly tinkerer friendly…

I will try to locate the specific css class and give it a go :slight_smile:


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