Escape resets title and blocks vim workflow

When I edit the title and then press escape it jumps back to the original title. When using vim-mode this behavior is not intuitive because escape means in vim: “I am done editing”. It happens constantly to me and have to force myself to remember pressing enter instead of escape.

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Thanks for posting this, this is an annoyance I face every single day and I always postpone making a request on it.

I have to write note titles at least 2 or 3 times for me to remeber that I should press ‘Enter’ instead of ‘Esc’ to confirm it’s been done.

I do see how for non vim users ‘escape’ would cancel things and ‘enter’ would confirm.

but for us vim-users escape is everything and like you said, it’s a confirmation botton as well, so I 100% agree and support this request for vim-mode.

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