Escape key should escape out from fullscreen mode

Steps to reproduce

Set fullscreen mode, hit escape key

Expected result

As with any other Mac fullscreen apps, escape will leave full-screen mode back to previous window size.

Actual result

Nothing happens, still stays in full-screen mode.


  • Operating system:
    MacOSX 10.14.5
  • Obsidian version:
  • Using custom CSS:
    Yes but happens with various obsidian.css files.

Additional information


moving this to feature request.

@mediapathic feel free to chime in on this feature request.

Iā€™m actually going to push back on this one. esc exits fullscreen mode for many mac apps, and I think all native ones, but it is not universal. And escape is used often enough while using the app (getting out of quick switcher, getting out of link autocomplete, etc) that I think the danger of an unintentional leaving fullscreen is too annoying to justify changing this.

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Yep, ESC should be reserved for out-of-full-screen in MacOSX. Use it myself quite a lot.