Escape Folding

I have a note as in the following structure

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3


When I add a tag below the heading 3 it is folded when I fold heading 3 . Is there anyway to escape the folding without using a fake header

No, #mytag is part of the contents of Heading 3. The only way to escape the folding would be to add another heading.

You could use embedded notes to get a similar effect. Place heading section 1, 2 and 3 in another note and link with ![]. Then put the tag below.

There is a valid use case for folding escape.

For example, when there are a metadata-like info in the bottom of the note. Kinda like yaml frontmatter. Usually people use --- line to separate it.

The only ways right now to escape folding are fake headers or surrounding with div (btw, why it works?).

I get it, but I guess that’s something that comes from using Markdown… it’s more a document than a web page: Headers behave hierarchically more like they do in other types of documents (LaTeX, Word, etc). This is probably one reason why it’s YAML frontmatter (at the top), rather than back matter (at the bottom).

I’m building some reference material for Photoshop, with level 2 headings for procedures, which fold nicely beneath. The procedures are too lengthy for one of the topics, so I want its heading to be a link to a separate note. However, it’s seeing the note’s footer below and including it in a fold. How can I indicate the end of what should be folded with a header above? (see screenshot)

An old problem. I’m not at my Obsidian machine right now, but does using an HTML comment <!-- --> break the fold?

I also have this issue.
I started using a blank level 1 heading just before the footer content:


- related: ...

This breaks the fold, and doesn’t add any clutter in preview


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