Escape button in command palette

Use case or problem

Vim mode is awesome and a game changer for me, hands down this makes this the best native iOS editor when combined with all the other awesome features of Obsidian.
This question comes up here from time to time, but the resolution isn’t all there yet (particularly in the case of the iPhone when using a soft keyboard only). That is, the lack of an escape key.

This isn’t as much a problem when using an iPad, and obviously poses no problem at all when using the Mac.

Proposed solution

When vim mode is enabled, can we make an escape button available in the command palette? (just to simulate the escape keypress event even?) Such a command button could be used to toggle escape as if it were on a keyboard.

Current workaround (optional)

I have no workaround, and my workflow is restricted to using iPad and Mac only.

Related feature requests (optional)


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The Capslock key can be remapped to Escape in the iOS settings when using an external keyboard.

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Yep, I have no problem when using an external keyboard. This is about access to an escape “button” when you are on iOS and using a soft keyboard.

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just a followup in how I’m describing this feature request. There is already the “sunglasses/edit” button that users easily understand as a toggle between modes for edit and preview. Why not have, while in Vim mode, a button just like that which will toggle between Normal, Insert (and possibly even Visual) modes ? This problem could be resolved for when you are stuck using a soft keyboard as simply as that (and it would also provide a visible status indicator which could be super useful in its own right!) pretty please

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