Escape brackets and quotes with tab

When typing brackets (e.g. {} or []) or quotes ("" or ‘’) the cursor is automatically placed between them, which is good, but when we finished the input and want to escape from the brackets/quotes, we have to press the right arrow key. This key is located far from the home row so it’s not convenient.

Please add the ability to escape the brackets/quotes with another key easier to reach. “Tab” being the perfect candidate. This is implemented by many code editors.

Typing brackets/quotes in markdown is frequent enough task that reaching for the right arrow key becomes annoying quickly.

If you press the key again, it should escape the closing bracket or quote.

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Didn’t know about it, thanks. But using a single key like Tab is more convenient because in nearly all cases there’s no need to remember which quote/bracket we opened. The action is always the same so it could be done with one key.

An example of such implementation is any IDE from JetBrains (IDEA, PyCharm e.t.c.). It’s extremely convenient.

Actually, I somehow missed the fact that pressing the same key again (e.g. a quote) is no different than typing in any text field, as you have to press the closing quote anyway. For brackets it’s worse, you have to keep in mind which bracket you have opened, and after filling in the text, press the closing bracket of the same type. This is the same as typing in any text field, i.e. no help what so ever.

A smart text editor can remember which quote/bracket was opened, and close/escape it with a single key. This is one of those features you don’t know how good it is until you try it. It makes writing stuff like Markdown hyperlinks, JSON objects or Python dictionaries much more pleasurable.