Errors Seen in the Developer Console ALT+CMD+i

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I am getting Errors in the Development Console, and would like to trace them back to the cause. When I first load obsidian I get an identifier for every plugin that loads, like VM138:5677 and when errors occur under that number, I can disable the plugin, but what to do if the error has a number that does not refer back to one of your plugins? Sometimes I get an error specifying a plugin that I never downloaded…

What I’m trying to do

Are there notes somewhere on how to trace obsidian errors back to their cause, or back to the note in question?

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Enable Settings > Community Plugins > Safe Mode, then restart Obsidian.
Any errors that remain are coming from the core app or a core plugin.

To find which community plugin is creating errors you can enable Settings > Community Plugins > Debug startup time, and restart.
That setting will also enable source maps for plugins, so you can see which exact line in a plugin the error is coming from.

One of the current insider builds(0.14.3) will replace those VM138:5677 identifiers with the more readable plugin ID.

Until then, you can use the Divide & Conquer plugin (obsidian://show-plugin?id=obsidian-divide-and-conquer | to bisect which plugin is causing the error.

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thanks for the info. I think my uncaught (in promise) errors have to do with the date format settings … tbd

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