Error Showing in Console After Updating. Remote module is deprecated

I’m not sure where this belongs. I posted over in the Discord but didn’t receive an authoritative reply. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but after updating to version 0.12.3 fully (App+Installer), the Inspector is showing an error in the console. It states:

(Electron) The remote module is deprecated. Use GitHub - electron/remote: Bridge JavaScript objects from the main process to the renderer process in Electron. instead.

Log @ electron/js2c/renderer init.js:13

Is this a concern?

Thank you.

No concern, we need to update some deprecated modules soon.


It’s a warning, not an error, hence it’s displayed in yellow and not red. Nothing to be concerned about, maybe I can find a way to have it hidden by default in a future release.


Thank you, @Licat and @WhiteNoise. I appreciate it. Yes, it’s a warning, not an error. Sorry about that. I also found that this was planned and scheduled for removal in Version 14. I appreciate the quick replies. Have a great day!