Error importing iCloud calendar into Full Calendar

Things I have tried

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  1. Following the directions for importing on this link: Remote calendar from private iCloud or any CalDAV source - Obsidian Full Calendar
  2. setting an app specific password on iCloud
  3. Restarting Obsidian

In the console, I get
Error importing calendars from
eval @ plugin:obsidian-full-calendar:57113
Error: Request failed, status 401
at new t (app.js:1:710073)
at Aw (app.js:1:710265)
at app.js:1:710942
at app.js:1:235505
at (app.js:1:235610)
at a (app.js:1:234349)
eval @ plugin:obsidian-full-calendar:57114

Here is the source code

  } catch (e3) {
    console.error(`Error importing calendars from ${}`);
    return new FCError(`There was an error loading a calendar. Check the console for full details.`);


I’m hoping to link my calendars so that I can edit events on Obsidian and the events will automatically sync with my apple calendar.

Status 401 is an “unauthorized” error.

[edit: whoops you already said you tried an app-specific-password. That was my suggestion. Sorry.]

Maybe the calendar has some setting you need to turn on to be allowed to be shared? Are you syncing it with any other apps already?

Thanks for the input rigmarole. The issue is resolved. I was inputting the name of the password and not the actual Apple ID password. So, the instructions on the link work.

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