Epub file misbehaving

I’m trying to read an epub book and make notes in split view, but if I use left and right arrow keys to navigate the text in the note file, the pages on the epub file, opened in split view, changes back and forth. The same not occur if I open the epub file as a new tab, for example.
I have the Epub Reader plugin installed and enabled, doesn’t matter if scrolled view is turned on or off, the issue remains (on split view).

Obsidian version: 1.4.16
Epub Reader version: 1.0.2

Any thoughts? Could any of you reproduce this as well?
Example below… (Texts and interface in pt-BR language)
Note on the left, Epub file on the right.


Can you share the epub (or a version where the issue occurs) so others can have a look?

I would also check the Epub Reader’s GitHub site to see if there are any issues and post a detailed report there if you don’t find one.

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I think the problem is within the plugin itself. I tested with other epub files, the problem remains.

Well if so, did you try yet another plug-in? One I remember is Annotator, it reads both pdf and epub

Otherwise you’re faster to report this bug to the plug-in author of Epub Reader

I’ve tried disabling each plugin at a time. First Annotator, the problem remains. Then, Epub Reader…Obsidian stopped rendering epub files. Has epub native rendering support? Seems strange to me at this point. I went to the github epub reader page and submitted an issue about this. Now we wait…

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