Enter Emoji with colon notation (eg `\:smile\:`)

Use case or problem

Use case is pretty easy, sometimes I’d like to enter an emoji :laughing: .

Proposed solution

Implement the colon type notation :smile:

Current workaround (optional)

I’m using KDE on Linux, so for now I always open KDEs emoji selector and copy the one I want. But some messengers support colon notation (:smile:) to enter emojis directly or propose different styles or types of similar emojis.

Related feature requests (optional)

This one uses some Mac command, but that’s not available on Linux and Windows.

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Would this replace the notation with the actual emoji, or just render it in preview?

On windows you can use windows+comma shortcut for emojis. But still that’s great idea.

Uh, I think neither actually. Other messengers (WhatsApp Web, Slack and Telegram Desktop at least) actually replace the :smile: with the emoji, both in edit view and in preview. So it’s a way to enter the emoji, not only display it.

So I just found out that KDE also has a shortcut for the emoji picker, [meta] + [.] opens the emoji picker. But that’s not what I mean here.

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Bumping in to say that this would be awesome!

I’m using obsidian in combination with GitJournal on android.
Every time I edit a note in GitJournal it changes the emojis to the :emoji: syntax.
To be honest the :emoji: syntax feels to me more nice to use in markdown.

Please implement this feature :heart:

There’s a community plug in for this called “emoji toolbar”

I’m also on Linux, so I’ve had issues with some emojis rendering in certain apps.

Let me know if the plugin solves it for you @Remus

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@santi thanks, I ended up using this plugin. it works great and is un-obtrusive enough.

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awesome happy to know it helped!

@Remus would you still like this to be a core functionality in Obsidian, or does the plug in fullfil your needs 100%?

I ask to see if you want me to keep this is as a feature request, or if you are happy leaving it as Resolved help


Hi, the plugin is all I need, thank you! I’ve accepted @santi’s answer as solution.

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I just made another Plugin for that. It replaces the Shortcode in Preview Mode with the emoji.

Its not yet in the Plugin Browser though

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I hope this will be soon in the Plugin Browser. Even if the “emoji toolbar” plug in is nice, this one suits me better.

Hello Santi, and all!
Does this work for Linux only?
I’m using Obsidian in Windows 10, iPadOS 14.7.1 and Android 10

I just installed it and tried. It works perfectly in Windows 10.
I won’t be trying it in the iPad or the Android phone… yet

Thanks! This is a game changer!