ENOENT file error


I get a weird ENOENT file error when I try to create a note in one of my subfolders. I also get the problem if I create Wikilinks for a non-existent then try to enter into the note.

I also realized that when I try to create a note and get the “ENOENT” error, insted of being created in the current folder (where I expect the new file to be created) it gest created in the root folder.

So, for example, I tried to create a new note in a Newsletter folder and saw an error that looked like “ENOENT Untiled 5.md no such file or direcroty.” Then, when I looked in the root folder of my vault, I saw a 0-sized Untiled 5.md file there.

Has anyone ever seen this type of bhehavior? If so, what causes it and how do I fix it?



It seems related to your vault location and/or file permissions.


I changed the topic title to something more descriptive. It was “Weird”.

Hmmm… I looked at the entries and didn’t really find a running thread. I suspect it may be due to one of my plugins, but I’m not sure.

Is there a way to get a trace to see what triggered the error? I get anonymous app.js:1 in the console and I’m not familiar enough to find the stack trace.

EDIT: I found out that if I try a few times (typically 3) eventually the file gets created un the right location. It’s really weird. I use Google Drive it that matters any. My vault has always been on it and this is recent behavior.

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