"Enhancing Workspaces: Syncing Plugins, Themes, and Settings for a Seamless User Experience"

Hey, it might be silly to ask, but I would love to bookmark workspaces, like the core workspace plugin. It’s kind of a gimmicky thought, but I’ve synthesized it, or whatever. I would love to see it synced with the theme, settings of plugins, and everything. Currently, it’s a bit broken and unable to function natively. I have to use the plugin folder or quick plugin access, and workspace plus. Also, the real reason is that it becomes a janky, laggy vault with third-party plugins. If I have to use it smoothly, then it should run at peak efficiency or effectiveness in the vanilla version. Currently, I have multiple .obsidian vault configs to do the same! What I am trying to say is that I would love to see plugins (their settings and whether they are enabled or disabled) and themes, along with their settings, sync with the workspace or a more intuitive environment.(The windows and orientation of stuff are just basic functions. It is more than enough for simple users, but for power users, it would be worth the upgrade.)

Not really what you want (it can be useful tbh) but you can use:

Another idea:

  • Sync with Git (GitLab/GitHub ?) the .obsidian only, in a private repository (problem with API key here, as they are usually stored in their data.json.)
  • Use a folder junction (not allow to sync only some settings and not other)