Enhancing Workflows with Obsidian - Seeking Suggestions

Greetings to all members! I’m excited to be part of this vibrant forum, which has been a treasure trove of inspiration for me, particularly in enhancing my use of Obsidian.

It’s been instrumental in documenting and streamlining various monthly processes in my workflows. For instance, my monthly review involves tidying up unresolved issues, unread emails, and similar tasks. To organize these tasks, I’ve developed a checklist, currently structured as follows:

  • Review email folder.
  • Check physical inbox.

Now, I aim to evolve this checklist into a more dynamic, decision-tree-style workflow. Here’s an example of how I envision it:

  • Look in the email folder.
  • Check the physical inbox.
    • If there’s something in the physical mailbox:
      • If it’s an invoice:
        • Scan and pay it.
      • If it’s advertisement:
        • Throw it in the trash.

While I realize this advanced, “smart” functionality might be beyond Obsidian’s current scope, I’m eager to find out if there are any plugins or features within Obsidian that could support such dynamic workflows.

Does anyone have suggestions or know of any tools that could facilitate these enhancements? Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

A canvas would be a natural fit for this.

Or you could use a series of block links within the same document:

- Is it an invoice? [[#^ScanAndPay|Yes]] [[#^IsItAd|No]]
    - Scan and pay it. ^ScanAndPay
    - Is there anything left in the box? [[#^SomethingInPhysical|Yes]] [[#^Done|No]]
- Is it an advertisement? [[#^TrashIt|Yes]] [[#^SomethingElse|No]] ^IsItAd

Thank you for the answer, the idea with the internal linking is a nice option.

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