Enhancing the Merge Function: Intelligently Combine Properties, Including Aliases

Given the introduction of the new properties functionality, it’s essential to ensure that when two files are merged, their properties are combined seamlessly. This request primarily focuses on the aliases property, but the desired enhancement should extend to all other properties, ensuring a smooth and logical merging process that retains the integrity of the front matter.

Use case or problem

I’m a heavy user of the note composer/merge file and the aliases features. Currently, when I merge two files that both have aliases defined in their front matter, the resulting merged file doesn’t combine the aliases properly. Instead, it just inserts the front matter of the second file in the middle of the new merged file.

For instance, merging a File A with:

aliases: File A, A File, File_A

With File B having:

aliases: File B, B File, File_B

I would like the merged file to show:

aliases: File A, A File, File_A, File B, B File, File_B

However, the current behavior results in the frontmatter of File B appearing in the middle of the new merged file.

Proposed solution

The merging function should be enhanced to detect and intelligently merge front matters, especially the aliases. This enhancement should not be restricted to only the aliases field. It should ensure all properties in the front matter are combined and placed appropriately in the merged file. This would save users from having to manually edit and clean the merged file afterward.

Current workaround (optional)

After merging, I perform a manual cleaning and merging of the frontmatter, especially the aliases.

will be done in 1.4.4

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