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When I’m using the canvas to map out an idea there are a number of friction points that slow me down. I may be reading a pdf or webpage and want to create an atomic note of a concept I come across. I double click on the canvas and start typing. The note that is created though is only a small card so now I break off from my thought process and take the time to resize the card, right click to turn it into a note and then enter a title for the note (I prefer notes to cards because when zoomed out notes show titles whereas cards show nothing). This process could be streamlined if:

a) There was an option to make creating a note the default option instead of a card. As soon as I double click I’m asked for a title and when I hit enter the note is created.
b) The note is autosized to fit the content by default so that as I type the note resizes automatically. If I choose to manually resize the note then autosize is turned off until I manually turn it back on again using a right click menu option.

Once I have created my canvas it will often be large enough that I have to zoom out to see the overview. Once I do, the content of the notes is no longer readable so I would like a quick way to check the contents of a note. At them moment, I have to either zoom in (which loses the overview and leads to constant zooming in and out which breaks the thought process), or right click and hunt to find the option to open the note. The options there are open in hover, open in new tab or open in new window. It would make life easier (and not break the flow of thought) if there was either:

c) A quickly accessible button (maybe on the floating menu) that opens the note in such a way that the canvas is still visible e.g. as a floating window or in a new tab to the left or right of the canvas
d) A hotspot where I could hover for a configurable period of time to call up the hover editor

I may be reviewing a canvas like this and realise that there are notes related to this topic that aren’t on the canvas. So I do a search to find notes with a particular tag, keyword etc. The problem is that the search may bring back many results but there is no way to filter out notes that are already on the canvas so you risk putting the same note on many times unnecessarily and not finding notes that aren’t on the canvas but should be. It would be great if either:

e) Notes already on the focused canvas were greyed out in searches
f) There was a way in the search to specify that you want to exclude files which are already on a specific canvas.

Many thanks for a great tool though.

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I’m moving this to Help for now. (Rather than closing it. Perhaps some users have suggestions, or plugins, or workarounds.)

Otherwise thanks, but for each feature, please search the forum for duplicates, and only post one feature per thread please.

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