Enhance Unique note creator to use Templates date time feature (formerly Zettelkasten prefixer)

Use case or problem

Currently, the Zettelkasten prefixer allows you to assign a template, but it doesn’t inherit the properties that are defined in the Template plugin itself (like date and time).


  • Template plugin is enabled
  • Zettelkasten prefixed plugin is enabled

Current Workflow:

  1. Create a new Template called “Baz” with the {{date}} and {{time}} variables in the template.
  2. Create a new note.
  3. Insert “Baz” template in new note.
  4. Verify that current date and time appear correctly
  5. Configure Zettelkasten prefixer “Template file location” with the newly created “Baz” template
  6. In the editor, create a new zettelkasten note.

Currently, the date and time are not populated and just renders the literal variables {{date}} and {{time}}.

Proposed solution

Since it is pulling in a “Template,” it would be great if it could apply the settings from the Template plugin to populate the settings from there as well (in this case it’s date and time, but solution could include settings in general if templates are further enhanced).

Current workaround (optional)

I’m manually updating the date and time with a shortcut from Keyboard Maestro.


+1 to this. I have been having issues with this and came searching to see if this was a bug or enhancement. Since it is an enhancement I’d like to add my vote for this. Thanks!