Enforcing unique names for notes

A setting to enforce unique names for notes and attachments. Right now this works only is notes are created in the same folder of a vault. The setting, if checked, will ensure that there are no two items with the same name in the vault. (In general, I use ZK prefixes which should do the trick, but I want an Obsidian feature to ensure that I do not accidentally create two items with the same name).


A good function not only for ZK, but for a Wiki too.

I would be happy if this had an option to trigger a dialog simply warning that there is already a file with this name in the following folder/s. This would definitely be very helpful if you are someone who often creates notes via typing then following the link. You would at least be warned that basically all links to the other notes with the same name would be changed from Note to “Folder\SubFolder\Note” which would probably inform many people to this behavior before it’s too late and they have to fire up a mass search and replace to correct the links.


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