Ending Trial?

Things I have tried

I’ve tried finding a customer service contact but there just doesn’t seem to be anything that exists?

What I’m trying to do

I signed up to the 14 day trial, however, I’ve decided that Obsidian just won’t work for our business (we need something that can be collaborated on by many users, most of whom are not particularly tech-savvy). However, when signing up it asked for card details - my assumption was that we would only be charged at the end of the trial, but we were in fact charged immediately. How do we get a refund?

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did u try to send a email to: [email protected] ?

No, I didn’t know that address existed as it doesn’t seem to be advertised anywhere. I’ll try now. Thank you.

Right on the pricing page, there is both the support email, and a link to the refund policy which also lists the email: Refund policy - Obsidian Help

There should also be a link under your account, in payment and billing to request a refund.

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