Encryption & Version Conflicts

What are some cloud sync options that can handle both encryption and version conflicts with Obsidian?

I would like to go all in on Obsidian.

Right now I use Dynalist for time management and task issues while I use Obsidian for information, ideas, and references. This is because Dynalist syncs so easily and never seems to have conflict issues, so frequent updates across multiple devices never poses a problem. With Obsidian, I have sync/version issues (sync is often slow with Google Drive for some reason) and it is not encrypted or hidden behind a password or anything like that.

If I use, say, Cryptomator + Google Drive, then I only get encryption. What will happen with version conflicts?

If I use the paid Obsidian Sync, I think I get better sync but then cannot encrypt. Is that right?

Is there any way to get both encryption and minimal version conflicts?

Can anybody please answer this? It would really help. Thanks!

Obsidian sync is end to end encrypted

Ok, that’s good to know.

My understanding of E2EE is that my info is encrypted while traveling around the internet. But if someone were to, say, steal my laptop they could easily read all of my Obsidian vault files. Is that correct?


For on device encryption you can use veracrypt or whatever your OS provides natively. Like bitlocker on windows.

I see.

I’m not sure what bitlocker is, though.

What happens if I use something like veracrypt and Obsidian Sync? Or should I not combine those?

you can combine them.

Ok, I might give this a shot.