Encountering a persistent problem with Sync issue notifications

What I’m trying to do

Lately, I’ve been encountering a persistent problem with Sync issue notifications consistently popping up on the right side of my screen while I’m actively engaged in tasks within Obsidian. To the best of my knowledge, this issue seems to have emerged around the time I enabled Microsoft BitLocker to encrypt my hard drive. I’m curious if this is a common occurrence, and if it is, do you have any recommendations on how to mitigate these incessant notification pop-ups? It’s worth noting that despite the recurring appearance of these text balloons, the sync feature itself continues to function properly.

Things I have tried

I’ve experimented with various settings both within Obsidian and Microsoft BitLocker, but unfortunately, I haven’t yet discovered a viable solution to the issue at hand.

Possibly relevant:

Hello Cawlin Teffid,
I appreciate your suggested post, but unfortunately, I couldn’t resolve yet the issue using the assistance provided in the post.

Obsidian auto-saves every few seconds; perhaps that’s causing an issue with Microsoft BitLocker? Have you searched the web for anything to do with Microsoft BitLocker and apps acting strange?

A few Proton Drive users have reported recurring warning messages, but apparently everything was being saved properly. If you search on the forum here, a few topics show up.

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Hi ariehen. Thank you for your prompt response. I’ve temporarily disabled BitLocker to troubleshoot the issue, but unfortunately, errors persist. It occurred to me that Proton Drive might be a potential factor. I do utilize Proton Drive; however, as far as I know, the Obsidian sync folder is stored locally. I intend to delve deeper into this matter to identify and resolve the root cause.

Hi ariehen. After conducting further investigation, I identified that my local vault folder was inadvertently included in the Proton Drive backups, resulting in persistent error notifications. By relocating my vault to a different folder not covered by Proton Drive Desktop backups, I successfully resolved the issue. I appreciate your assistance in highlighting the Proton Drive aspect. Thank you once again.

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