Enabling Window Border for i3wm

Hi, I just found out that there is a linux version of Obsidian when I thought it was Mac only and I am super stoked!

I use the window manger i3 and use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through my windows. Even switching focus to another window I do via the keyboard. Normal windows get a (colored) border when they are focused, unfortunately that is not the case with Obsidian.

I checked with xprop if X recognizes the focus and it does:


…but there is no border. I think Obsidian is maybe disabling all UI from the window manager to make it look the same everywhere? Is there a way to turn that back on so I can see if I am typing in the right window?

Apparently I searched the wrong way around:
“Enable Border” → “Disable Framless”

This post goes into details and even provides a workaround:

I’d still really like a feature to do this properly

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