Enable opening daily note in a new tab

Use case or problem

I have the “Open daily note on startup” option enabled. When I close Obsidian, I usually have a few notes open depending on what I last worked on, so I can pick up there the next day. When I open Obsidian again, whatever note was on top is now being replaced with the new daily note and I have to re-open the old note again.

Proposed solution

Add a toggle option to open the daily note in a new tab on startup.

Current workaround (optional)

Go back in history from daily note to what was open before, and open a new tab with the daily note.


Having the same problem. I would even say this is more of a bug than a feature since it does not really have any value when a note is replaced
hope that get fixed soon :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been thinking the same for a while - always reassuring to see I’m not alone! Would be handy to have the option to toggle Open Daily Note on Startup in a new tab. I, too use the same workaround but it’s a little clunky

Same problem for me : I like to open my Obsidian with the active tabs I was working on during my previous session - and I like also to have my daily note ready. But the behaviour of the daily note opening in the active tab (the last I was working on) is really annoying…

Bumping this in case anyone has a workaround.