Enable "Open in default app" on right-click menu in preview mode for SVG (and other files)

I have an app that lets me create handwritten notes and drawings which saves them as SVG files. I can save these files in my vault and embed them in my notes which is great. It would be even better though if I could right click an embedded drawing in preview mode and choose “open in default app” to then jump straight into the editor for the drawing. Apparently the “open in default app” option isn’t available for embedded SVG’s in preview mode at the moment.

Edit: It has been pointed out that I hadn’t turned on the default app plugin (slaps forehead) but even afterwards there is no option to open from the preview mode. Not a major issue I guess as flipping to edit mode to edit is the natural option :grinning:.


I agree with this request. I was even going to request a similar feature:

Hello! Is it possible to add a “Open in default app” button for pdfs in preview mode? it is nothing really major, but still it can make the workflow just a tiny bit more intuitive

Use case or problem

Sometimes you just want to glance at a pdf file, and for that, the new pdf features are awesome! But for highlighting and editing, you might need OCR and other stuff in which case, using a dedicated pdf editor is a better choice. It would smoothen the workflow if there was a button that you could click which quickly opens the file in the default app.

Current workaround (optional)

right now you could just go to edit mode and right-click on the link and click on “open in default app”.