Enable Obsidian Linux client to use GTK/QT Window decorations/theme

Use case or problem

On Linux, Obsidian does not adopt the default window decorations of the OS or does not seem to have an option available to enable it. This makes the app look out of place amongst all the other applications. I am not a CSS expert (and don’t really want to be one) but really want the app not to look out of place. I know it seems like such a small thing to some, but to me and I assume a number of others, its really jarring. Its annoying that its making me look for a replacement. Although the choice of themes is large and they look good on their own, because they are inconsistent with the rest of the OS, I find it distracting and off-putting and productivity impacting.

I may be the only one, but can’t imagine that other don’t also feel the need for consistency.

(Neither Logseq nor Zettlr, or any other Electron app I use, have the same issue, or all the features of course :slight_smile: )

Proposed solution

Include an easy way to enable Obsidian to use the system theme for the window decorations and buttons.

Current workaround (optional)

None. Just find a theme that looks as similar as possible to the system theme or live with it.


Is there really no one else who is interested I this or even wants to talk about it. Every forum post and discord message about this just gets ignored. What’s up? Is this a taboo subject?

window’s decorators shouldn’t be GTK or QT based. It’s something that the windows manager, often lib agnostic, handles.

I think you might be interest in this FR

I also hate the current window frame and would much prefer the native option (GTK in my case). This has been proposed a bunch of times and I’m not sure why the requests are being ignored. Many other Electron apps have solved this beautifully.

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