Enable Jupyter notebook inside obsidian

Hi, I was just wondering if we could add Jupyter notebook support. I use Jupyter notebook and Foam for research. It would be nice if we can link these together.

Maybe start with the Jupyter notebook markdown cells. To enable wiki links between markdown files and Jupyter Notebooks as well as between Jupyter notebooks.


Have you seen this plugin? GitHub - tillahoffmann/obsidian-jupyter


Yes, I have tried this. But it doesn’t support ipywidget, and all the results will lose after you close that note.

I write my analysis using Vscode Jupyter. I organize my idea and thoughts in Obsidian. Ideally, I want to cite the comments and results from Jupyter in obsidian. And I need to link to the notebooks and project folder too.

There are several options now like curenote and deepnote+notion. But I use obsidian a lot.