Enable/Expose "Window: Menu Bar Visibility" setting

One of the settings in VSCode is “Window: Menu Bar Visibility” which allows users to disable the main menus from being opened via the Alt key. It’d be nice to have a similar setting as for some people (like myself) the alt key is used for other purposes resulting in the menu sometimes flickering open when I don’t mean it to.


This is a great importance for non-English speakers as Alt+Shift is a common combination to switch a keyboard layout, so Alt key is actually pressed constantly.

Also, at least on my Linux client pressing Alt key also makes menu not just to appear but to get focus which prevents you from further typing.

For me, on a Swedish keyboard. I use Alt + 8 and 9 to make [[ ]]. When I click Alt, the Menu Bar pops up, not allowing me to click 8. Therefor no bracket! Driving me mad. :sweat_smile:

As a strange work around, on Windows with AutoHotKey, I did this script that makes it work, if anyone is interested… Still hopes this get fixed!

; Obsidian

#IfWinActive, ahk_exe Obsidian.exe
~LAlt:: Send {Blind}{RCtrl}
    send !{Tab}
$!4:: ; Dollar Sign
    send !{$}
$!8:: ; Left Bracket
    send !{`[}
$!9:: ; Left Bracket
    send !{`]}
$!+8:: ; Left Curly Bracket
    send !{`{}
$!+9:: ; Right Curly Bracket
    send !{`}}
!7:: ;S
    send !{|}
    Send !{\}
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