Enable applying the graph group color to unresolved links

Use case or problem

Changing colors for not yet existing notes by applying the group color to regex filter.

For example: When creating a daily note a template inserts a date formatted so that it creates links to the year and the month. So multiple notes are now linked to [[2020]] representing the year. The year itself is not really a thing that needs explanation so an actual file for it is unnecessary but I’d still like to group years or say dates like [[07-2020]] into a group and apply a color to those nodes, so I create a graph group with regex: /20\d{2}/ or file:/20\d{2}/. The existing nodes get colored but unresolved ones retain their default color.

Proposed solution

  • Add a toggle allowing a group to target unresolved notes
    • another solution can be a search mode that includes unresolved nodes i.e. “link-including-unresolved”.
  • Allow enabled graph groups search to target all notes including unresolved ones and apply the group color setting if a node matches a group. Might also be nice to have the opacity reduced on unresolved links to still indicate they are unresolved.
    If no group matches apply the basic “.graph-view.color-fill-unresolved”

I’ve tried creating a css snippet making the .graph-view.color-fill-unresolved transparent but it does not help because it does not work the same way .graph-view.color-fill-focused works.

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