Emojis as page icons in the editor?

I’ve got emojis in my page titles like this:

emoji no-bullets

The emoji appears at the start of each note title:

  • :gift: Note 1
  • :red_car: Note 2
  • Note 3

Instead of this, I’m looking for a way to display emojis like this:


This is where the emojis act as the bullet “page icons” themselves, instead of the default “page with a folded corner” icon.

Is there any existing way to create this effect in Obsidian?

I was thinking there was a community plug-in available for this, or maybe a CSS snippet? I haven’t had any luck so far through searching.

Thank you!

The default theme doesn’t use icons in the file explorer. Does the theme you’re using support the Style Settings community plugin? If so, it might have a setting for that (I’ve seen at least one theme that lets you turn them on/off).

Do you know which theme supports that?

I’m using the Yin and Yang theme at the moment.

In the Community themes selection menu, the screenshots of some themes will say they are customizable with the Style Settings plugin. I do not know of a list or any other method of knowing absent installing and verifying each one. To list a few:

  • Minimal
  • Blue Topaz
  • Things
  • Primary

Yin and Yang does support the Style Settings plugin. Unfortunately I don’t see a setting to remove those icons. The nearest thing I found is Minimalize Elements > File Explorer where you can Remove Custom Icons (I saw no change) and Show Folder Icons.

You can use a CSS snippet to hide the icons, but I don’t know the specific elements to select. You could also check the theme’s Github and its issues page for info, or try a different theme.

You can use the Icon Folder plugin which can add icons/emojis to both notes and folders.

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