Emoji in Tags?

I know that I have seen people use Emoji in their tags before, but when I just went to try it, it says that Emoji are not a valid character for tags. Has something changed recently?

Just tried them, they seem to be working fine for me. I am on default theme, installer v.1.0.0, Obsidian v1.1.9
Screenshot 2022-12-29 at 8.20.50 PM

Thanks. I am using minimal theme. Maybe that is the issue.

Are you using any tag-related plugins that might be causing the problem? Does it happen with basic emoji like a smiley? Can you describe what you’re doing in more detail or at least post a screenshot of the error?

EDIT: The issue seems to depend on the emoji I wish to add. Normal Smileys work, but emoji such as the double !! mark do not. It is simply placed outside of the tag space.

looks like it was contextual typography that was causing issues.

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