Emoji appear white and black in heading but colorful and normal in text body

Things I have tried

emoji work normal in text body ,but abnormal in heading text like follow:

What I’m trying to do

I found a similar question , accord to it’s solution check system font by link follow:
Emoji Qualified status : :green_circle: Fully Qualified | EmojiAll
It doesn’t look like a system font problem…

can someone give me certain tips to fix this

app version supplement

Works on my Windows 10 system:

In my fonts I have: EmojiOne Color, Noto Color Emoji, and Segoe UI Emoji. Comparing the emoji in question, this is Segoe UI’s grimace emoji. The kissy face emoji also works here. I also cannot replicate your problem on my Mac (12.3.1).

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What theme are you using? It might be a theme (css issue) changing the heading colors.

Is the emoji colored in preview mode?

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I’m using Minimal Dark Mode theme … I try to switch to reading mode and it become colorful . I think what you’re saying might be the problem source

but I tried five themes and default theme, and they are all have this problem (colorless in edit mode and colorful in reading mode ) . Maybe some settings can edit heading color appear?

and I found a more abnormal thing like follow :
for comparison purposes , I using source mode
if using one-level heading , appear : colorless
if using two-level heading , appear : colorless
but using three-level heading ,appear : colorful ???
so it maybe not font’s problem

Download and reinstall obsidian.

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solved ,thx you

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