Embeded / linked footnotes not displaying properly

Steps to reproduce

In note A, embed a reference to a line in note B where that line in note B has a footnote.

Expected result

Ideal: footnote from note B is picked up and transferred to note A (both inline and at bottom of note).

less ideal: footnote is dropped.

Actual result

The footnote is lost in the process, and the txt from the footnote link in note B is jammed at the end of the embedded reference in note A.

Footnote does not transfer to new note.


  • Operating system: OSX
  • Obsidian version: v0.9.11

Additional information

does this happen with default css and no plugins?

Inline footnotes use the syntax ^[some text]. Note the position of the caret ^ outside the brackets.[^another-demo-footnote]

Otherwise you must provide footnote data at the bottom of the file for the markdown parser to recognize it as a footnote, exactly like the another-demo-footnote syntax above and below.

See the footnotes section in Help.

[^another-demo-footnote]: some more info.