Embedding video file from URL, like `![](image url)` for images

Use case or problem

Given the link to an image like https://link.to/my/image.jpg, it is easy enough to embed it in obsidian: ![alt](https://link.to/my/image.jpg). This displays the image inline.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like this works for video. ![alt](https://link.to/my/video.mp4) just does nothing (well, it displays a “missing media” icon and the alt text). But Obsidian clearly can play videos because <video src="https://link.to/my/video.mp4"></video> works. But it’s annoying to have to type that out — generally I’d like to stick to markdown over HTML.

Proposed solution

Obsidian should support videos in ![]() embeds.

Current workaround (optional)

Write HTML :frowning:

Related feature requests (optional)

Duplicate of Transclude \ Embed external files (images, videos, pdfs) present on the computer outside the vault