Embedding random quotes into notes

I want to be able to embed random quotes in my pages. For instance, I want to embed a random Stoicism-related quote at the top of my Stoicism page, so that every time I visit the page, I see a random quote.

I did this for myself using an web app I created with my brother to store and randomize my quotes collection. The output looks like this:

The app allows me to organize my quotes using tags, to selectively make the quotes public, and to share any tag selection. You can check out my public Stoicism-related quotes: here (Note: the icons at the top are randomization options).

What you’re seeing in the picture above is a link to my public quotes, embedded in Obsidian using iframe:

<iframe width="100%" height="350" src="https://www.common-book.com/public/dani-trusca?pt=Stoicism&to=and&wo=and" frameborder="0"></iframe>

If you add the code above to one of your Obsidian pages, you’ll see exactly what I see in my Obsidian Stoicism page.

The problem is, the embedded page doesn’t integrate well, and the frame has a fixed height. Ideally, the height would be variable, based on the length of the quote. To solve these issues I need to create an Obsidian plugin.

I want to gage if there’s any interest in such a plugin. I’m happy to discuss anything related to the process.

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