Embedding random quotes into notes

I want to be able to embed random quotes in my pages. For instance, I want to embed a random Stoicism-related quote at the top of my Stoicism page, so that every time I visit the page, I see a random quote.

I did this for myself using an web app I created with my brother to store and randomize my quotes collection. The output looks like this:

The app allows me to organize my quotes using tags, to selectively make the quotes public, and to share any tag selection. You can check out my public Stoicism-related quotes: here (Note: the icons at the top are randomization options).

What you’re seeing in the picture above is a link to my public quotes, embedded in Obsidian using iframe:

<iframe width="100%" height="350" src="https://www.common-book.com/public/dani-trusca?pt=Stoicism&to=and&wo=and" frameborder="0"></iframe>

If you add the code above to one of your Obsidian pages, you’ll see exactly what I see in my Obsidian Stoicism page.

The problem is, the embedded page doesn’t integrate well, and the frame has a fixed height. Ideally, the height would be variable, based on the length of the quote. To solve these issues I need to create an Obsidian plugin.

I want to gage if there’s any interest in such a plugin. I’m happy to discuss anything related to the process.


Yes! I would love this functionality, I have many quotes that I’d love to bring to the fore with a plug in just like this. How possible do you think it is to pull from a user generated list of quotes?

Also, do you know about this thread, which is offering some similar functinoality:


It’s not quite similar. The tool I’m using has a feature I call controlled randomness. I’m not just interested in generating random quotes, but in generating random quotes in a controlled manner.

Let’s say you search for something or select a tag. Through this operation, you narrow down the information pool. With controlled randomness, you can generate random quotes only from this smaller information pool.

In practical terms, you can select, say, the name of an author or a particular theme and generate random quotes only by that author or with that theme.


As I said in my answer above, I’m interested in controlled randomness. The tool I’m using is custom-built around controlled randomness. To use it, you’d need to use my tool – to store your quotes in it.

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Interesting! yeah I would like a random quote generator more along the lines of ‘quote of the day’ type…will see if a tool like that turns up!
All the best with your project :slight_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

P.S. I like to do ‘thematic quote of the day’. When I visit an Obsidian page, I see a random quote related to that page. This way, by visiting multiple pages over the course of a day, I have multiple quotes of the day from different themes. I collect questions, so I also have a random ‘question of the day’.

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Late to the discussion but here’s what I’d like from this type of plug-in.

I create a set of my own curated quotes (notes). Either with a a tag (preferred) or if mandatory in a separate folder. Each quote (and it could also be a question to answer @danitrusca 's use case) is in a separate individual note.

The plug-in should allow me to transclude a quote either from the whole population of quotes or from a subset of them in a random fashion.

If the tag option is chosen I’d like one “base” or top level tag like #quotes and then the subsets could be children #quotes/software or #quotes/Heinlein In any given note where I transclude the random quote I can set whether to start from the #quotes tag or go deeper to be #quotes/Heinlein I’d like an option to do AND operations among the tags so I could get a random quote from among those tagged with more than one child.

I don’t want to use someone else’s famous quote site as my source I want to be in control of the things I want to resurface on a random basis as a quote in a new note.

When the item is included it should be in the ![[note]] format in the new note.


The ability to select a note randomly like so would be great.

![myvault/quotes/ | pick_at_random]

with this plugin you can generate a random note from a search result

Interesting @udracing. I will take a look.