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I am brand new to Obsidian and loving it! I am using Nick’s LYT theme on my iPad Pro. When I click on ‘image’ in the bottom toolbar, I can easily choose an image from my photo library. However, in the note it just gives me a link address to follow. When I do that, I see the image in a separate file. I select ‘merge this image with note’ but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

What I’m trying to do

Not using on my ipad but using on my windows computer… is there a way that you can drag and drop the image? How I add images that are inside my document is to copy and paste. Hope this helps - let us know if you figure it out please! :pencil2: :spiral_notepad:

The link you see just needs an exclamation mark in front of it to become an embed, like this:
![[Some image]]

The same trick can be used to embed notes instead of linking to them, too.

Thank you so much to both respondents. Ryan, that added exclamation mark did the trick. Perfect!

One final question now about best practice. There’s still a separate image file headed with a long number.jpg. When I hit ‘merge’ as I mentioned in my initial post, the image file is still not deleting so I’m wondering if it’s best practice to keep a separate folder of all images? And, if it is, should it be relabeled with a meaningful name or will that break the link to the embedded image? Should it be linked or tagged to notes? Thank you again.

Yeah, the image file still needs to live somewhere. Obsidian’s plain text files differ from e.g., Word .docx files—they literally can’t contain other media, only text.

I rarely use images, so I’m probably not qualified to comment on best practice. I think you’ll find folks have varying opinions on this, though, so “do what currently feels right” is probably the right advice.

For what it’s worth, I do like naming files of all kinds. It might not matter in the moment, but it’ll matter after several months have passed and you’re looking for it again. So, I name everything as descriptively and search-friendly as possible.

If you rename a file that has been linked in the Obsidian app, Obsidian will fix the links you’ve added to your notes for you. However, if you rename a file outside the Obsidian app (e.g., in Finder/File Explorer), you will need to make sure to correct the links yourself.

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