Embedding Image: Ability to specify image dimensions by percentage

Use case or problem

I’m using a Macbook Pro, which has a 2x scaling for its built-in Retina display monitor. When I capture a screenshot and paste it into Obsidian, the image dimensions displayed in Obsidian would be significantly larger. For example:

It affects readability because I don’t want such a small image to take up so much space.

Proposed solution

Add the ability to use percentages to specify the image dimensions, like this:


Current workaround (optional)

Currently, I can only specify the image dimensions using exact pixels, which is cumbersome:


Related feature requests (optional)

Not found.


It would indeed be nice if one could have a relative reduction in figure size, such that an image scales properly within the column irrespective of the display width and resolution.

A better workaround is to add some whitespace yourself to the sides of the image, using a graphics editor. Then the image will display consistently on displays with different resolution.