Embedding files in code blocks


I love and use a lot the plantuml plugin, so this code nicely works (excepting when exports, btw):

``` plantuml
Bob -> Alice : hello

My thing is, I would like to edit puml files in a native editor and keep them as independent files. I supposed they could be embbeded like this:


But it didn’t works since the plugin understand the ![[alice-bob.puml]] as plantuml code.

Am I doing something wrong?

It seems like you can achieve this using dataviewjs at least, since it’s not a given that a code block should respect the embed link. The following has been tested with your example code in the file muml.md:

const uml = await dv.io.load(dv.io.normalize("muml.md"))

${ uml }

Could surely be rewritten into a dv.view() so that you could rather write something like: `$= dv.view("pumlLoad", "muml.md")`

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