Embedding Dropbox Video Player in Obsidian Notes

I was VERY excited to find this YouTube Video!
How to Embed Dropbox Video To Your Website - HTML Code - One Minute Tutorial

Sadly, I have not quite been able to get it to work yet!

I’m a college professor teaching music technology and have many gigabytes of videos on a dedicated server. But I also have a Dropbox Business account and want to integrate Dropbox videos into my online classes and web pages.

iFrame video players from both YouTube and Vimeo work great in Obsidian notes

My efforts to embed a Dropbox MP4 video media player in an Obsidian Note have, thus far, failed ;(

I’m hoping it’s just a matter of figuring out how to tweak the HTML code.

Any ideas?



Got it working for audio files. (and I was surprised Obsidian does not support the industry standard AIFF (.aiff) audio file format.

Still tweaking the video formats, but almost have those working too…

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