Embedding -> can i hide part of file?

greetings. Here is examle of what i want:

i have 1 file example (left) and 1 embedded file (right)

when i incllude it like ![[embeddeed]] i’m getting whole file.
can i put some separator to cut massive content and left only introduction text ??

Thank you !!!

You can embed headings and blocks. See here:

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it seems its exactly what i want in case my intro would be a 1 paragraph. (as long as i understand that block = paragraph)
can i somehow create a block from 2 paragraphs, or paragraph and heading etc…
(i didnt found definition of “block” there)

but thanks anyway!

alternative way - use sections, separated by headers and links to them.

but anyway i’m curious,is there a way to make a block from few other blocks

Yes there is a workaround for that, I described how to do that in this post:

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