Embedding a specific PDF page from a pdf stored in DEVONThink

I have a large PDF (with slides) stored in DEVONthink (800 pages), and I want to embed a specific page into Obsidian note.

I know I can reference a page in DT by specifying x-devonthink-item://<long-DT-ID>?page=240 however I would prefer to have that page rendered in Obsidian note.

My current approach is to take a screenshot of that page, paste an image to Obsidian, and additionally add a -style link in Obsidian. But this approach has a few problems:

  1. Screenshot images are taking up a lot of space in Obsidian vault
  2. The process is quite daunting and steps seem redundant

It would be great if that particular page would have been rendered in Obsidian note but I do not know how to do it, if it is possible at all.

  • I tried iframe - it does not accept DT callback URL
  • I tried ‘Better PDF Plugin’ - and again it does not want to accept the DT URL

Is there any way to achieve this?

Take a look at GitHub - MSzturc/obsidian-better-pdf-plugin: Goal of this Plugin in to implement a native PDF handling workflow in Obsidian

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