Embedding a pdf file

I cannot find out how to embed a pdf file (pdf already in the Vault in a folder) in a note
Can someone post the code to do it?

See Help → How To → Embed files.

? Thank you i can read … And its not working for pdf

What have you tried? Perhaps you can post an example of the text/syntax here.

The above-mentioned link says:

Everything except for PDFs can be embedded.

If you’re trying to achieve something else, be more clear in your question!

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Well, when I drag and drop a PDF, it is ‘embedded’ and copied into the attachments folder though needs a PDF reader to open it. Depends on precise definition of embedding being used.

Manual may be out of date, or not clear enough about exactly what happens.

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I was wondering today if I could embed a PDF that is hosted as a webpage online.

It would be useful, because if the PDF and its online webpage is updated, then I would need to review my source and update it.

I have tried two methods that have not rendered the PDF in preview mode
<iframe src="https://d30b7srod7pe7m.cloudfront.net/uploads/2020/08/Figure_Managing-acute-asthma-in-adults_web.pdf"></iframe>

![Managing acute asthma in clinical settings - Adults] (https://d30b7srod7pe7m.cloudfront.net/uploads/2020/08/Figure_Managing-acute-asthma-in-adults_web.pdf)

Thank you if anyone is able to assist.

I see your thinking here, but in my experience, a new PDF is never re-uploaded to the identical URL. In the example you provide, for instance, it looks like the service is using Cloudfront as a Content Delivery Network (CDN). I suspect the CDN would use a different URL to serve up the content, even if the author changes the same PDF “file” on their site.

Hi @ryanjamurphy, that makes sense.

The other benefit of embedding a webpage hosted PDF rather than a local source would be in order to reduce the increasing size of my attachments folder.


For sure. In either case, you may want to submit something to #feature-requests specific to web-hosted PDFs. Be sure to use the template, but feel free to copy and paste text from your ideas here.