Embedded bullet points in Published site do not work as expected

Steps to reproduce

  1. Embed a link to a bullet point with sub bullet points, using the following style:


  2. Publish the site using Obsidian Publish

Expected result

2 behavior are expected:

  • A) Clicking on the :link: (open link) icon on the linked bullet point will jump to the note and then highlight the bullet point.

  • B) The embedded block renders the sub bullet points too.

    For example, it looks like this in the Obsidian app:

Actual result


The issue is on the published site so it shouldn’t matter which app/OS version i’m using :slight_smile:

Embedded content is one of my favorite feature in Obsidian! I really hope they work properly on Published site as well!

But for now, lacking both these functions makes embedded bullet point not usable on the published site for my use case :smiley:

I’d wish both A and B could be fixed, but even just fixing one of them would be helpful already!

Appreciate your consideration and fixes in advance! Thanks!! :smiley:

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Update: FYI I’ve also noticed that the jump/highlight issue described in (A) is not working for ALL embedded content, not just bullet points.

I thought i’ve seen it working before so it might be a regression, but i might be wrong… :smiley:

Ok the good news is that I’ve deployed a fix for issue B, but the bad news is that you may have to delete and re-upload (or just make a change and upload) the problematic target file (the file with the bullet list) for the cache to clear up.

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Also just deployed a fix for issue A!

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Fantastic! Thanks so much for the quick fix, @Licat! Really appreciated it! :smiley:

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