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Things I have tried

I use Obsidian for my social media work and have “tasks” (really more like projects…) that can span multiple weeks. In order to support that, I have created a weekly template, which “embeds” (transcludes) a file with the currently active projects/tasks. I use the “Hover Editor” to be able to maintain my task list up to date. I assume that is the only way to actually edit an embedded file/block? Or is there an easier way?

What I’m trying to do

Pretty straightforward: Allow me to edit the embedded file/block, preferably in-line. The Hover Editor works, but requires additional steps, which are slowing me down.

Cutting and pasting from week to week, while possible, is also quite tedious.

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I think transclusions are like windows, viewable but not editable.

My personal approach is to avoid transclusions.

I reference blocks with block references and section references.

In your case, I would open up the page in a different pane or window.

Yeah. Seems like there’s not really a ‘perfect’ solution at this time for what I want to do…

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I actually found a working solution that’s better (for me) than the embed - using a separate “task” file and using the queries I have available with the ‘Tasks’ plugin for displaying my open tasks in the weekly view…

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