Embedd other notes


Is there a way to embed notes and make requests to use this.file referring to the note where they are embedded?

For instance, I want to know all the notes pointing to the note I’m currently reading. I use in this case this request:

LIST WHERE contains(file.outlinks, this.file.link)

Let say in the future I want to change it to a table and show more information (for example the size of the note), so I will use this request:

TABLE file.size AS "Size" WHERE contains(file.outlinks, this.file.link)

What I would like in this case is to change just a template. When I open to read a note, the note is updated and so I don’t need to change the request in every file.

I look at templater plugin, but I didn’t find out how to do it and I’m not sure it is possible with it.


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