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I am trying to create my student resource “vault” within obsidian. Together with text I want to add videos in my notes. I have the videos I want to embed in my notes saved locally.
I can embed the video no problem but the system then creates a copy of that video in the vault, I would like to just index the actual video and embed it. Is it possible with just drag and drop of the video? Thanks a lot in advance!

What I’m trying to do


If you are distributing the Vault as a folder, wouldn’t you want the video to live inside the Vault folder?

You can change the resources directory in Obsidian if you want to store the videos in a non-standard path.

Hey @Temboselous,

Only media stored within your vault (using your preferred attachment folder option) are embeddable, since Obsidian is helping the markdown files. You can still link to your external media. To do so, paste the file path of your media item into Markdown link syntax (ie. []()). I like to use DEVONthink x-item links.

If you really want embeddable videos without them living in your vault, a workaround could be to upload your videos to an online platform (eg. YouTube, Dropbox) and use an iframe in your note. Bear in mind, you need access to the internet in order to load and stream iframe media.


… or you can use a kind of embed similar to this:

<video src="file:///your/path.mp4" controls></video>

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